Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Machetes and group hugs.

I built two small pantry storage shelves under each of the booth seats. Beans, peanut butter and pasta!

One of the last nights in Burlington.

Burlington, VT to Montpelier, VT.
(The black dot in the upper part of the photo is a Howl's moving castle key chain.)

Road ready.

My wonderful Montpelier family! Dan, me, Mom and Dylan. 
Lucia was still at Middlebury college unfortunately and couldn't be there to say guhbuh.


Not sure what happened, but for some reason I woke up Monday morning with inky black stuff on my chest. Weirdness. I can only assume that it had something to do with my squid-fighting dream crossing over into reality.

View of the bus from my step Mom's house in RI.



Ari, my travel buddy, is the author of "Of Cabages and Kings
about a machete wielding king. It's awesome, and so is he:

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