Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Introduction

Welcome to the Art Bus. I'm Ari, the first mate.

The bus started in March 2010 when Pete Talbot, the mad genius behind all this madness, purchased an old school bus. He was then compelled to take out the seats, put in floors, a bed, a kitchen, a diner booth, a fireplace and lots of art supplies. Pete is a wonderful artist who makes adorably grotesque monster creations and prints. You should all buy a lot of his art. Check it out at

An example of Pete's art      

     One fateful day about a month ago, I got a phone call from Pete asking if I wanted to accompany him on the first bus excursion.  After about zero seconds of thought, I agreed. I will be accompanying Pete until February.
Now the bus is finally roadworthy, decked out, comfortable, and a great home. This week begins the bus' first road trip.
The plan for the bus is to have it function as a vehicle both literally and metaphorically, for adventures, art creation and selling, music making, making people happy, getting funny looks, and more. We have a over a jillion more ideas (we counted) for projects, and hope in the future to bring in more community involvement. All these ideas may come to pass in the future, but for now we are focusing on organizing the bus, i.e.making the walking space not involve dodging comic books, clothes, and miniature zombies.
     This first bus excursion will last until around May. The plan is to head south, then head west along the bottom part of the country, then north, and back to Vermont. In Georgia we will convert the bus to run on waste vegetable oil and make other improvements. I have to bail in February, probably around Louisiana. Pete will continue on, picking up other companions along the way.

Check in daily for updates, photos, videos and stories.

- Ari

                         Captain Pete Talbot                                          First Mate Ari Erlbaum

Home base...bus.

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