Monday, December 26, 2011

Lots of stuff has happened. Snippets:

Hi All,
We've been stationed in Athens, Georgia for a while making art and music and awaiting our veggie oil conversion. Here's some pictures from our journey.

The island of Dr. Talbot's creepy stuffed animals.

A commonly heard passing comment from Pete while working on ornaments: "I've got to harvest some eyeballs." He was talking about stuffed animals. We think.

A contra dance in Asheville

We went to a concert at Nuci's space, a nonprofit in Athens that provides resources for musicians

We were parked in the lot of a cool alternative bike shop for a while called "Ben's Bikes". That shop is most excellent! Support them!

Some cats hung around the bike shop.

Pete and Emily. They're awesome. They left us last week to continue on their own adventures.

There's a neat collection of people in Athens living in converted school busses and trailers. This is one of them.

We now have a fully functional shower, once you heat up water and put it in the shower bag.

We've been recently staying in a field nearby to our friends. These are their converted vehicles.

This is their hyperactive dog, Ace.

Ari moments after semi-successfully leaping over a ravine's stream bed. The smiling wounded.

The field is adjoined to a farm, so we see funny animal antics out the window each day.

One of the many sweet busses in Athens.

Beard growth visual!

"Cheddar Flavor Pasteurized Process Cheese Food."

After eating the bread-slice menorah, Ari remarked to Pete, "And there you go, that's Chanukah"

The veggie system on our friend's converted ambulance.

Another new friend, Is constructing a trailer house from the ground up. It is so excellent! We visited her and helped sand her wooden bathtub and make patterns for roof flashing. These are some incredibly cool machines that she had in her trailer. "Purwick's Probably Ultra Hand's-On Wood Induced Choice Knower"

Blogging & za.

"Ray from Texas" shotguns 4 slices of his eventual 30, at an All You Can Eat $2.99 CiCi's Pizza buffet in Athens, GA.
A busser added "Stay close to the toilet, because it's going to be a long night"