Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baltimore Maryland

After meeting up with our friend Andy whom we know from Wihakowi (a nature summer camp) and visiting the occupy wall st. movement in NY and attending some meetings in a hall that can only be described as a disco Moria, we headed back to NJ. The next day, yesterday, we took off for Baltimore Maryland to meet up with some friends, Pete and Emily who are also traveling, to have them join our one-vehicle caravan. We stayed the night at a ware-house huge apartmenty amazingly cool space. Ari and Andy slept inside and I stayed in the bus. Then, breakfast!!
This is Zu Zu. Adorable!


  1. What exactly is that structure in the last picture? So cool!

  2. Yeah, what is it? And what are you up to? Time to stop goofing off and write another blog entry!