Monday, November 26, 2012

Rainbow Kids


While on our usual daily trip to Lowes, I was talking to the 50-something cashier while Stella ran back to check the price on a fitting. The cashier was making small talk about how she'll miss the place when she leaves and I asked if she was planning on leaving soon, and she said no, that she just felt like people didn't act the same anymore. When I asked about that, she said that she felt that her parents' generation had it all figured out (manners and moral direction-wise) and that she felt that her generation had helped to corrupt the youth of today with selfish behavior, and prolific drug use. I told her that I knew what she was talking about and that I had met some of those kinds of corrupted youth while I was traveling this last year. She was very curious about that, so I started to tell her about my experiences, (mostly with transient kids following rainbow gatherings) but all I could get out was "yeah, rainbow kids are just really selfish.." when Stella came back to the register. The woman was wide-eyed! "what are you guys talking about." said Stella."oh, I was just talking about rainbow kids." I said. "oh yeah, rainbow kids don't care about anything but themselves." Stella said. The cashier was aghast. "you've travelled and seen them too!?!?" . "oh yeah, just a bunch of young kids doing drugs." said Stella. "there just a bunch of young kids that don't have any good role models." I said as we finished up our transaction and walked for the door. visibly shaken by hearing about "rainbow kids", she wished us a happy thanksgiving and a "god  bless!". I had to laugh a little bit because I felt bad not being able to fully describe the context of what the heck I was talking about to the cashier since she seemed a bit freaked out. Later on, at the bus, after Stella told me about her run-ins with rainbow kids, I googled "rainbow kids" to try and find more stories. The first hit on google is adoption website! Stella and I crumpled to the floor laughing so hard we were crying thinking about the conversation. Every thing we said was unintentionally applicable to this website that this poor cashier was going to inevitably google. When she does search for "rainbow kids", she'll see this site filled with pictures of cute kids..."who don't care about anybody but themselves, with no role models, doin a bunch of drugs."

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